Franchisee Stories


Our Best Advocates are our Franchisees

Many of our franchisees have a background in sales and marketing and thrive on winning new business or developing existing client relationships. Others have built successful businesses leveraging their deep understanding of a particular industry segment and an ability to develop excellent working relationships by delivering on projects initiated by other franchisees.

“With ERA, I can have my own business but without being alone but being inside a network” Alfredo Longo - ITALY ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“Be disciplined about your goals, go after them and use the network to find answers” Daniela Strasser - GERMANY ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“It's fantastic to be on my own and independent but still being part of a global company” Frank Thorsen - DENMARK ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“ERA's business proposal - No Savings, No Fee - was one of the main triggers for joining ERA” Henk Postmus - THE NETHERLANDS ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“Buying a franchise actually made the difference for me because you're part of a team ” Nancy Aliaga - SPAIN ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“I think that the network is the biggest strength of ERA” Pascal Herroelen - BELGIUM ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“An ERA Franchise was an investment in myself” Tamara Gáliková ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“In the network, there is always somebody who has been there and done it” Andreas Bunter - SWITZERLAND ASSISTA AO VÍDEO
“Our business adds a lot of value to the client - we provide them with new resources to improve” Fernando Vázquez - SPAIN ASSISTA AO VÍDEO

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